Community Supported Agriculture – most commonly referred to as a CSA or farm share. A CSA program is a business model many farmers/producers use to connect with local consumers directly – by allowing consumers to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms through the purchase of a farm share. Being part of a CSA farm share program has so many great benefits! Not only for you the consumer, but for your local farmer and economy as well!

YOU’RE SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL FARMER + REMOVING THE MIDDLEMAN –while you can absolutely shop at the grocery store or other specialty stores in our area; more often than not they’re either purchasing from distributors or farms; some local, some not. Why not fully pledge your support to the farmer, allowing them to reap the maximum financial return for their hard work. This in turn will allow them to be innovative with their businesses; which is a huge benefit to you as the consumer/community members.

YOUR PRODUCE IS FRESH – we are harvesting daily in the height of the season as well specifically for our CSA shares. You can’t get any fresher!

IT’S A GREAT DEAL – while you do have to pay for your share upfront; many weeks you actually receive more for your dollar than what it would be if you bought everything individually.

WE OFFER LOCAL GRASS FED MEAT – we are proud to be teaming up with Lilac Hedge Farm this year to offer our members and customers quality, sustainably raised meats. The combination of a produce share + a meat share will allow you to source all your meals from two hardworking, local farms. Lots of good feels right there!

THERE ARE MEMBER ONLY BENEFITS – our members receive a 15% discount on all Westward grown produce throughout the growing season. We also have some other member incentive that we will be sprinkling in throughout the year!